Web Docu: Slums. Engines behind the Development Goals

Date: 2 januari 2018

Visit the web documentary in English on: www.ndirande.com/english/ Bezoek de Nederlandse webdocumentaire op www.ndirande.com/nederlands Five Malawians and a Dutchman produced a web-documentary about everyday life in an African slum. They didn’t emphasize on the problems the residents are experiencing. They highlighted what brings them to the slum or what keeps them in the ... Read more »

Climate? Our biggest problem is poverty

Date: 1 december 2015

By Ralf Bodelier, translated from an original in Dutch. Indur M. Goklany is one of the most influential climate analysts in the world. ‘If we want a better world, we must continue using the cheapest form of energy.  For the time being that is the burning ... Read more »

Can Solar Energy Reduce Poverty? An example from Ethiopia

Date: 22 december 2012

Can solar energy reduce poverty? On behalf of a large German development organisation, Mirjam Vossen and Ralf Bodelier conducted some research on one of their energy projects in Ethiopia. From the video’s and pictures they shot, Bodelier compiled this video clip.

Video: Cosmopolitan & Shanty Town

Date: 21 juni 2012

How do Citizens of the World -Cosmopolitans- think about global poverty and insecurity? Ralf Bodelier researched the issue in his PhD thesis ‘Cosmopolitan & Shanty Towns” (in Dutch, 2012). This video attempts to summarize the 600 pages in less than nine minutes.  

The Rwandan Genocide and the Emergence of Human Security

Date: 22 juli 2011

Ralf Bodelier. Conference on Transitional Justice. Kigali, Rwanda. July 2011 Paper. There is a new cosmopolitanism in the air, serving as a mindset essential to the process of globalization. This new cosmopolitanism brought forth at least two policy concepts, human development and human security. Where human development focuses exclusively on the interests of the other, human ... Read more »